1. The Kidlat Awards is open to all 4As and non-4As member agencies based in the Philippines. This includes creative and digital agencies, production houses, media, PR, and design shops.
    1. A. This year – seeing how creativity in media, touchpoints and platforms have evolved — we are introducing Creativity UNLMTD. Open to creative entities outside of the above, it’s hypercreativity in all forms welcome – including and not limited to new media, performance art, architecture, furniture design, engineering, literary and creative writing, fine arts, even to the once-remote possibilities in the fields of mathematics, quantum physics, economics, education, law, culinary arts, fabric technology, gemology, archeology and the like. Entries must have been created in partnership with a brand and within the context of a normal paying contract with a client.
  2. Only entries made by Philippine-based agencies, production houses, media, PR, design shops and entities that have first aired, gone live, been posted online, or made available for public download and viewing between December 16, 2022 to March 31, 2024 are qualified for the 16th Kidlat Awards. If implementation of an entry exceeds this period, the majority of the campaign must fall within this time to qualify. Private screenings or previews are not eligible.
  3. Work can be entered in as many categories if relevant and qualified.
  4. To be eligible, a piece of work must be accompanied by a fully accomplished entry form (available on complete support documents, material requirements and payment. To help in preparing an entry, please refer to the Technical Requirements for Submission section.
  5. All entries must have been created within the context of a normal paying contract with a client who has covered all media and production costs, except in the case of self-promotion and non-profit ads. A client certification will be required, signed by an officer with the rank of Assistant Brand Manager or higher. Please use the “Client Certification Pro-Forma.”
  6. Prior permission from the client/owner of the rights of the work should be sought before entering any piece into the show.
  7. Entries are subject to pre-screening. The organizers have the right to refuse entries which offend national or religious sentiment, public taste or which breach any applicable laws, 4As by-laws or ASC rules. The Jury can vote to recommend the transfer of a material to another category during the shortlist round. The Kidlat Competition Committee, however, has the final word on reclassification.
    1. A. The organizers have the right to refuse entries from agencies suspended by the 4As if said entries were released within the suspension period.
  8. Work entered in previous Kidlat shows are not qualified even if implementation date falls within the dates of eligibility except for Creativity in Strategy & Effectiveness.
  9. A campaign or parts thereof entered in previous Kidlat shows shall not qualify for the current judging period. For long running campaigns of more than two years, only the material that was aired or published within the judging period can be entered.
  10. The organizers may contact the client for queries related to any entry during the pre-screening or judging process, should any question about the implementation or presentation of the work arise.
  11. There must be no indication on the actual entry identifying the entrant agency. For videos, no mention or any identifying visual of the agency is allowed on the material. For jpegs and mounted boards, there must be no such information seen on the material. Necessarily, however, this rule does not apply to self-promotion entries.